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25th Feb - 6th Mar 2021
or 8th Mar - 17th Mar 2021

Time to walk for HER!

Every woman is remarkable. This Women’s Day walk to celebrate her grit, her determination, and her fighting spirit with Oxfam Trailwalker-virtual challenge!

The pandemic has been tougher for women across the country. Whether it was the burden of unpaid care work and office, evading domestic violence, or walking for thousands of miles during the lockdown, women faced a tough 2020.

We, at Oxfam India, are working to create awareness around the issues faced by women in their everyday lives while celebrating women who broke barriers of deep-rooted discrimination. Walk in solidarity with all the women who embraced their struggles beautifully. Walk for women who need our support to make a difference in their lives. Let's walk for HER!

All you need to do is to select your date for the WALK!

After the Sal leaf plate machine was set up, the community is happy to sell their handmade plates to the local women collective

Oxfam India set up 14 Sal leaf plate machines in Godda, Jharkhand. One of the villages, Kusmaha, was provided with a hand-pressed plate making machines. Operations at this unit began in October 2020 by the Gulanjbaha Mahila Mandal, a women's collective. It is outstanding that the unit here is being operated by other women from the village besides the 15 members of the collective

Though a small amount, Rs 5000, helped Gitanjali restart her business

Gitanjali Kandi ran a small petty shop near the Sun Temple at Konark but had to shut it down due to the lockdown. Oxfam India provided cash of Rs 5000 to the most marginalised families as part of its COVID response. Gitanjali used this cash to restart her business, albeit slightly modified. Since the temple was shut, she started selling packed, fried groundnut to other small shops in villages and houses in the temple's vicinity.

Now both men and women farmers come to me for advice on seed selection, the variety and the company

When Manju Devi was married off at a very young age, she had given up on her dream of becoming a teacher. But things changed for her the day Oxfam India and SEWA Bharat came to Mudheri village in Bihar’s Munger district. On this day, in 2016, began her journey of becoming a farmer and eventually the president of a Farmers Producer Company.

With a year full of rules, Oxfam Trailwalker brings you FREEDOM!

You have got to walk. That's it! You decide the surface and place - be it the trail, the road, your kitchen, or the balcony, literally anywhere! Walk at a stretch or in intervals — total accumulated daily distance counts, even your trip to the bathroom, no kidding!

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Equality is Empowerment

When the pandemic hit the world, were we prepared to deal with the challenges? No, we were not.

We saw a rise in domestic violence cases, child marriages, school/college dropouts and unequal care work and unequal wages. But SHE never gave up. SHE kept fighting.

The fight for a just and an equal India has been long and challenging. The pandemic made it tougher.

We stand with the women who never give up. We stand against discrimination. We stand for change.

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