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let’s stir things up!

take the trailwalker 100k virtual challenge 2020

100km, 10 days

24 July-2 Aug 2020 or 6-15 Aug 2020

Joining Contribution INR 1000

what’s the challenge?

Working from home? Stressed? Bored?

Let’s stir things up! Take up the Oxfam Trailwalker 100k Virtual Challenge — walk 100kms over a period of 10 days to stay fit and healthy, and join this community of cause-driven fitness enthusiasts, albeit virtually. You can also choose the 50km version of the challenge.

what’s exciting?

Training: Everything goes virtual, even your training sessions! Exciting expert sessions will help you prepare for this challenge.

Freedom: Any time of the day, anywhere, on any surface (trail, road, treadmill, your backyard, the balcony, literally anywhere), and at your pace!

how does this work?

Wondering how this works? It's rather simple! Check out our detailed FAQs for answers to all your queries.


Register &
create your


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have fun!


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Why Join?

These are unprecedented times. While working from home has become a norm, it is imperative to take care of our physical and mental well-being. And while doing so, you support Oxfam India’s work.

An exciting challenge!

100km in 10 days
or 50km in 10 days

choose your own

Time, Place and


Walk and support
the worst affected

Inequalities in Crisis

And while we walk inside/ around our homes to stay fit, some people don’t have homes. With a sudden lockdown, inequalities were laid bare. Informal sector workers were rendered jobless, and as a result, homeless and struggling to make ends meet. Many took the long road back to their native villages, and many died before reaching the final destination.

Walk in solidarity, and help Oxfam India get their lives back on track.

I can’t participate right now, can I still donate for the cause?

Yes! Your support is crucial, and if you cannot participate in the challenge and still want to donate, you can do it here.


Regardless of your participation, you can also support us by starting a fundraiser. Do it now!

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