Oxfam India’s Policies

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1. Against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
The objective is to provide all Oxfam India employees with an environment, which is free of exploitation, harassment and violence. We believe that sexual harassment is not only a criminal offence but is a violation of human rights. Oxfam India endeavors to put in place adequate measures to ensure safety, security, dignity, rights and equality of women.

The Act lays down that it is the duty of the employer to prevent or deter the commission of acts of sexual harassment and to provide the procedure for the resolution, settlement or prosecution of acts of sexual harassment by taking all steps required. 
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2. Child Protection Policy
The purpose of this policy is to create awareness on Child Protection and how to prevent and report child abuse by any stakeholders of Oxfam India. As an international development organization, Oxfam India is committed to the well-being of children and has zero tolerance to any form of child abuse or exploitation. This policy is inconsonance with the UN Convention on Rights of the Child (1989).

This policy is also a testimony of Oxfam India commitment to all four sets of rights of children i.e. Rights to Survival, Development, Protection and Participation and is based on the principles of best Interest of the child, non-discrimination and right of every child to be heard.
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3. Against Exclusion of People with Disabilities
Oxfam India has a strong focus on ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all, including people with disabilities.  Disability is seen as a cause and a consequence of poverty, and without recognizing disability rights, we cannot achieve our vision of the right life and dignity for all. At Oxfam India, we promote inclusion and intend to address the barriers that exclude people with disabilities from full and equal participation in society. We offer equal employment opportunities to all without discrimination. 
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4. Gender Mainstreaming Policy
All of OIN’s work strives towards the creation of a gender just environment, promoting the goal of equity and equality in all spheres of life that would result in joint decision-making and leadership, defining and shaping polices, structures and decisions that affect the lives of women and men, based on their own interests and priorities. We are committed to the principle of gender justice, non-discrimination, equal opportunities for all, and gender friendly laws at the workplace.
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5. Whistle Blowing Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide an effective procedure for people to raise their concerns when they believe that abuse, serious malpractice or professional misconduct has taken place, which will affect any actual or potential violation of the Code of Conduct & Behavior at Work policy. Serious misconduct includes wrongdoing, corruption, bribery or theft.

The policy covers the responsibility to report all wrongful acts committed by staff of Oxfam India, partners and members of the governing body only to the Ombudsperson, who is officially appointed to receive complaints, initiate the investigation.
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6. Code of Conduct and Behavior at Work Policy 
The Code of Conduct is to set down the general principles and standards, which govern the professional activities and conduct of staff, Vendors, Partners and Board members of Oxfam India, thereby maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Oxfam India staff are required to maintain the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and accountability in the performance of their duties. The purpose of the policy is to set minimum standards by which all staff is expected to abide. Some of these standards are commitment, equality and diversity, mutual respect, integrity, declaration of Interest, etc.
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7. Grievance Redressal and Disciplinary Policy
The Grievance Redressal procedure at Oxfam India aims to reinforce the organization’s commitment towards providing fair and equitable work opportunities to all employees. The objective of the grievance resolution process is to provide employees with an easily accessible mechanism for settlement of their individual grievances. This policy applies to all staff of Oxfam India and those of Partner organizations who are in a relationship with Oxfam India.
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8. Conflict of Interest Policy
Oxfam India has adopted a conflict of interest policy to ensure the legal and ethical integrity and to make clear that no organization or individual benefits inappropriately because of a relationship with either staff, partners or Board Members of Oxfam India.
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9. Diversity Policy
Our diversity policy relates to the way that we treat, work with and value those who are different from ourselves. We recognize that those who are different from ourselves should be treated with respect, have something positive to offer and have an equal right to access resources and opportunities. 
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10. Equal Opportunity Policy
We uphold the principle of equal opportunity and aim to ensure that not all job applicants, staff and volunteers, suffer unfair discrimination by virtue of their race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religious belief, social class, caste, age, special ability, sexual orientation, marital status, family situation or gender. We aim to ensure that all people with whom we work are valued for their contributions and are given the opportunity to realize their full potential within the organization.
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11. Recruitment Policy
Oxfam India aims to select the best person for the job based on merit taking into consideration-demonstrated skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience. The aim is to recruit competent individualsto work with partners, communities and other organizations in the development field, towards enabling the impoverished, excluded and vulnerable people to achieve full citizenship rights and thereby lead a life of dignity and fulfillment. Recruitment policy applies to regular recruitment.
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