Oxfam India | We Are Working To Stop Rising Income Inequality In India

What we do

Oxfam India is a movement of people and grassroots organisations working together to stop the rising inequality in the country that keeps wealth concentrated in the hands of a few. We work to ensure equitable distribution of wealth and resources to all.

Our work

1% of the population in India owns more than half the country’s wealth. 10% of the population owns more than three-fourths of the country’s wealth. The poorest of the poor people have access to just 4.1% of national wealth. This gap is widening every year.

Oxfam India is working to reduce this widening gap and inequality. We do this by working with alliances of poor and marginalized people, especially women, to ensure that they realise their rights, influence decision-making processes and transform power structures. To end the cycle of inequality, we urge the government to ensure universal and quality healthcare and education for all, in particular children and women. To make funds available for this, we campaign for the introduction of progressive tax reforms and for corporations to pay fair taxes owed to the country.

Our work aims to ensure that the poorest communities have equal opportunity, equal wages for work, and equal right over resources. We also build the resilience of communities to disasters and reduce vulnerability, particularly for women and children.

We campaign to make violence against women socially unacceptable. We also campaign to secure 50% representation of women in public institutions so that women have an equal say in decisions that affect their lives.

Oxfam India is also engaging with the public to promote active citizenship, and with the private sector to encourage responsible business.

Oxfam India responds to natural disasters

Humanitarian Response and DRR

Protecting the right to a dignified life by disaster-affected communities

Oxfam India saves lives by building the resilience of communities to disasters and conflict

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Essential Services

ensuring access to quality and affordable health and education for all

We focus on ensuring access to quality and affordable health and education for all

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Quality healthcare in India

Forest rights for Tribals

Economic Justice

Fair share of natural resources for all

We work towards fair sharing of natural resources and ensuring better livelihoods for forest-dependent communities

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Gender Justice

Making violence against women socially unacceptable

We campaign to change patriarchal mindsets that influence violence against women


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End gender violence

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