Essential Services

We focus on ensuring access to quality and affordable health and education for all

​​​​​​17.8 million children in India remain out of school. Millions of poor Indians cannot afford healthcare.


Oxfam India’s focus on ensuring essential services such as health and education is a direct way of reducing the inter-generational inequality that keeps people trapped in poverty.


Our work ensures that a child born in a poorest of poor families has a chance at healthcare, prior to and after birth, and at universal, inclusive and quality elementary education.


An important aspect of our work in essential services is to make financing available for the universal provision of essential services. We campaign for the introduction of progressive tax reforms and for corporations to pay fair taxes owed to the country.

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Essential Services

30 Jan, 2015


Why ending poverty in India means tackling rural poverty and power

More than 800 million of India’s 1.25 billion people live in the countryside.
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08 Sep, 2015


10 facts on illiteracy in India that you must know

Literacy constitutes the backbone of development in a progressing country like India.
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04 Feb, 2016



10 Mar, 2016


MHRD objected the Rajasthan government to amend the No-Detention Policy

Because of Oxfam India's efforts, together with RTE forum and efforts of others as well, MHRD objected the Rajasthan government to amend the no-detention policy.
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18 Mar, 2016

New Delhi

No-Detention: Who Is Under The Scanner?

The clamour to bring back the detentionbased examination system is misguided
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Mobilising Forest Dwelling Communities to Claim Individual and Community Forest Rights

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