Oxfam India works to address root causes of poverty and inequality. We see poverty as a problem where people are deprived of opportunities, choices, resources, knowledge and protection. Poverty is something more than mere lack of income, health and education. It is also people's frustration on being excluded from decision-making. While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the guiding framework under which Oxfam India functions, we also derive our mandate from the Constitutional Rights promised to every citizen of the country.

Persistent poverty and inequality is not just a violation of basic human rights of the people but it also undermines economic growth of a nation by wasting talents and human resources. It leads to a skewed society where power and decision-making remains in the hands of a few, leading to greater conflicts and undermining social cohesion.



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01 Feb, 2023

Survival of the Richest | Zine

This zine was created by Zinedabaad Collective for Oxfam India's Inequality report, 'Survival of the Richest: The India Story’. The report showed that the richest 21 Indian billionaires ...
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Mobilising Forest Dwelling Communities to Claim Individual and Community Forest Rights

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